Friday, February 03, 2006

Clap Your Hands Say OUCH.

I have a pretty good memory. I can recall things from when I was three years old, and I can tell you the capitals of most of the countries in Europe. But there are times when my memory evades me. Like last night, when I forgot that I was, in fact, a super lily white girl and went tanning. For fifteen minutes. With new lotion. I felt good when I left, and before I went to bed, I slathered myself in aloe gel.

But this morning? My skin is the color of tomato soup. I cannot put on a bra. I took a shower and it almost made me cry. I feel sick on the outside of my body.

So I'm chilling out at home today, eating the chocolate-covered-strawberries I made last night and listening to New Order on my LaunchCast. Yeah, that's right. I called into work because I have a really bad sunburn. I mean, hello. I cannot put on a bra.

I have to heal this shit, though. Saturday marks two years for Manny and me. We've got a hotel room in Indy for the evening and will probably go out to dinner or something in the evening.

So happy Friday... I need to go take a cold bath and reapply the aloe.


ads510 said...

neutragena has a new "after sun" lotion out that works FABULOUSLY for sunburns (i think its just called "after sun). I like it better than aloe even, and it will help turn that tomato-ness into something resembling a tan.

indygirl said...

Skin color is SO overrated.

FreedomGirl said...

One alabaster girl to another...Aveno oatmeal bath helps. If it really gets bad, have Manny dab you with vinegar soaked cotton stinks, but the relief is well worth it. Also...Tylenol and lots of it. Hope you feel better soon.

SFChick74 said...

Brutal! Sorry to hear you got a sunburn from the fake bake.

Being tanned is overrated. I'm almost as pale as can be and I revel in it. Besides, all those ultraviolet rays will cause premature aging. I wear sunblock every day, especially on my face.