Thursday, February 16, 2006

But I Still Like Gloria Estefan

I'm listening to the Dandy Warhol's album Welcome to the Monkey House. On track 3, "Plan A," I swear I hear the sound of a rain stick in the background.

This starts me thinking. I used to have a rain stick. I bought it at the Nature Store when I was 10. When I was 10, I was very into the Nature Store. They carried all kinds of "sounds of the night forest set to light dulcimer music" CDs, as well as various shiny pebbles, books on poison arrow tree frogs, and jewelry made from cedar chips.

It was at this time in my life that I also danced in my basement to Gloria Estefan whilst wearing a hot pink leotard and bright clip-on earrings. "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" was my favorite. "Words Get in The Way" summed up my feelings about a certain 6th grade boy and also translated beautifully into expressive, pseudo-ballet dance moves.

It was also at this time in my life that I was in the special "gifted and talented" classes in 5th grade. I was complete shite at math but I could read and write like a motherfucker. I wrote little plays about manatees and otters that we performed in class. I also won the school and county spelling bees. I went on to the regional and got knocked out in the third round on the word "moraine." I cried.

So, essentially, listening to the Dandy Warhols got me thinking about what a complete nerd I used to be. And still am. It's great.


torporific said...

I was a school spelling bee champ in 6th grade and I finished 3rd in the county. I am too embarrassed to say which word knocked me out though.

indygirl said...

Ha! I was in the "gifted and talented" program at my school too. All my plays and reports were about unusual mammals like the platypus and the dolphin. I'm not kidding. This is why we're friends.