Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Russian For "Girl" and Mark Your Calendars

I love the band Devotchka. I simply love them.

Their music is magical... it's kind of hard to describe... it's part polka, part cabaret, part gypsy, part Parisian cafe... but it's all beautiful. And unlike many other bands, they sound almost better live. IndyGirl, Lori, and I went to see them play in Ohio last year. They opened for the Dresden Dolls, who were equally impressive and fabulous. It was a great show.

If you've seen one of my favorite movies, Amelie, then you've heard one of their songs. It's the accordion theme song that plays throughout the film - most notably, at the end, with the bicycle scene.

Anyway. I just love Devotchka.

So I start class again tonight. And I mean class - singular, not plural. Just one this semester - that's all I can handle. It's an Intro to Computer Graphics, and it sounds like I'll probably already know most of what's being taught, but I'll try to stick with it and not, um, drop out. Again.

Had a pretty good weekend. Manny and I didn't do much, just kind of hung out and watched some movies, cleaned the house, went out to dinner. I told my parents that we're getting married and they were both happy and very pleased because they really like Manny. And so do I - have I mentioned that he's the bee's knees? Did you know that he actually cleans the house without me having to ask? And he has really nice teeth.

So the date we've set is October 14th (or 13th, which would be Friday the 13th). And yeah, I know it's ten months away, but at least we've got time to plan shit out. So if you know anyone that is an excellent (and cheap) photographer, or someone who makes one hell of a wedding cake, let me know.


indygirl said...

I know an excellent (and likely cheap because she is a good friend of mine) photographer. I'll get her info to you.

SFChick74 said...

Amelie was a good movie. I kinda remember the music. I might have to rent that one again.