Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mom's Thinking Again

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm visiting my parents.

My dad and youngest brother are in the den, watching the Colts/Steelers game. My mom is on the couch, doing her homework. My mom started college classes last fall, and I have to say I'm really proud of her. She started college, back in the late seventies, but never finished. Now that my siblings and I are pretty much all grown up and she's not running around, driving someone to dance/basketball/swimming practice, she's got some freedom again.

So my mom is doing her homework for some Economics History class, I'm leafing through an errant Pottery Barn catalogue, and she says to me, "You're good at critical thinking. What do you think about school vouchers? Public or private, who needs to work harder?"

Later in the afternoon, I'm folding towels at the kitchen table, enjoying the peace and quiet. My mom strolls in, eating a piece of chocolate cake from a small plate. She pauses, her fork in the air. "Did you know," she begins, "that if you lived under a Socialist economy, up to 60% of the wages you earn would go to the government?"

"That's true," I reply, "but then ideally, your social services would be better and more accessible, and everyone could take advantage of them."

"Yes, ideally. But it's never worked out that way," she responds, then, cake in hand, she walks out of the kitchen.


SFChick74 said...

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

fatrobot said...

Canada is a social democracy but
canada's richest pay less that US richest, as do our poorest

for personal income tax the US pays 42.4% and Canada pays 36.8%

but we have free health care

fatrobot said...

and free donuts, everyone gets a free donut everyday
it's in our charter of rights and fry-doms

indygirl said...

Fatty: The 42.4% is for the uppermost brackets. I'm somewhere in the "not doin' half bad" range and my taxes end up being about 23% and then I get about $1000 refunded too.

Dude. Maybe your mother and you can become friends. This seems optimistic.

gigi said...

yes, and then maybe she'll see through the ruse that is Christianity and we'll be nontheists together! Or... maybe not :)

she is easier to talk to now, though.