Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kids These Days

I read the newspaper from my hometown online everyday. Mostly, I check out the police reports, because they are so weird and wacky - I actually have a collection of some of the weirdest reports I've read over the past two years.

But occasionally, there are stories printed that just crack my shit up. What's even better, though, is when there's a photo. What's even better is when the story is about the photo.

Here's the photo:

This picture was taken at an 8th grade school dance. The scandal is that the principal chose to crop the girl's date out of the picture because he wasn't an 8th grader. The girl's mom is "enraged." You can read the full story here.

Some great quotes from the story:

"All that remains of Kayla's boyfriend in this picture are his fingertips, visible beside her left elbow."

"Her memory of the dance is being able to be there with her boyfriend, and he’s not even in the picture."

"Kayla asked one of our guidance counselors if you could still go to the dance if you had detentions... she did not ask if her boyfriend could go."


indygirl said...

Poor guy... all that's left is fingertips... tragic.

ads510 said...

its totally like he has had disappeared from the picture a la "back to the future".

I like her dominatrix outfit though...great look for the 8th grade dance!

popfizz said...

my fingers look fat in that photo..