Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tipsy Christmas Eve Obligatory Post

Merry Christmas Eve... I am playing Catchphrase with Manny and Sister In Law. Guess who just missed the word "blog?"

Yes, it was me.

So far, pre-Christmas festivities are progressing nicely. Small family thing last night. Someone who obviously doesn't know me gave me a Country Christmas compilation CD. Also was the proud recipient of a Smores Maker. Fun!

Manny and I got home last night and decided we couldn't wait any longer... we exchanged our gifts. Just goes to show how rad he is... one of his gifts to me was a badass Neil Diamond (swoon!) t-shirt. Fucking awesome.

Spent the day doing basically nothing... watched two of my most favorite movies, A Mighty Wind and Best In Show. Ate a lovely Christmas Eve dinner of Chinese food and scoured the town in search of a store that a)would sell me some wine and b)was open.

Looking forward to more driving tomorrow... only 151 miles to go!


indygirl said...

Is your hair red again?

Hope you're having a lovely holiday!

phillip said...

i love neil diamond! i just did a post about how cool he is...