Monday, December 19, 2005

It's Cold Outside.

It was 9 degrees when I left my house for work this morning. 9 DEGREES! Fahrenheit! That's really cold! That's 9 away from zero!

Back to work today... but not so much. Everyone's in almost-slacker mode since we have Friday off, and the following Monday, too. We're also having a department decorating contest... so yeah, no one is doing any work.

Weekend was pretty good. As I predicted, there was wine on Friday, but no Argento because I promptly, after drinking a whole bottle of Riesling, passed out. What can I say, I was tired.

Saturday night, ManBride's brother and his wife came over to drink and play games. Manny's brother isn't the most interesting of people, and his wife is a little run-of-the-mill, but we had a surprisingly good time. We played Outburst, Catchphrase, and Scene It. Outburst was okay. Scene It - well, Manny's a damn cinemalogical encyclopedia, so of course, he won.

But Catchphrase might be my new favorite thing. It's like $20,000 Pyramid - you have a partner, you have a word, and your partner has to guess the word or phrase based on the clues you give. Simple, but it's very entertaining. However, what's more entertaining than the game itself is watching how people interact with eachother when giving clues. I mentioned that Manny's brother isn't very interesting? Well, he's also not very smart about some things - not saying he's dumb, but just, well, not as bright as Manny :)

Anyway, to make a long story short, Brother-In-Law and his wife beat our asses with clues and answers like this:

For Abraham Lincoln: "He was the 5th president."

For French and Indian War: "First word. It's the country next to Portugal."

For bone china: BIL pushed his eyes back and made them slanty. Then he pointed to his arm and said, "it's the stuff inside here."

Ah, yes. Genius.


The Cold War said...

Don't forget the classy way in which how we got the word "antifreeze".

And playing Pyramid isn't nearly as fun without Dick Clark giving you better clues after you blanked out on something. That smartass.

indygirl said...

You never had a chance.

gigi said...

"withnail drank this but he shouldn't have."

also, don't forget,
"not karma, but..."
"he's the fat guy with the curly hair who helps you lose weight."

fatrobot said...

me n lincoln we go drinkin

SFChick74 said...

Alcohol usually makes most people interesting or at least more entertaining.

ads510 said...

my mom is addicted to catchphrase, but she's terrible at it...she has the funniest clues though. Her phrase was "moby dick" and the clue she gave me was "a whale's penis". I got it, AFTER I stopped laughing at her.