Friday, December 16, 2005

It's Been A Slow Day.

It's such a Friday today. Work day can't end soon enough. Going on my third day without coffee. It's getting easier. The only replacements I've found (and they're not nearly the delight that is coffee) are Dannon's delicious yogurt/milk smoothie Frusions (ManBride seems to think that "peach and a fly" would be a great combination) and some decaf French Vanilla Cafe. It's something, but it's not coffee.

Dazed off into the blinking Xmas lights surrounding my cubicle this morning instead of doing work... then stumbled upon some serious blog goodness. Aughra's blog, Bad News Blonde, is everything my poor weenie blog aspires to be. I lost damn near two hours reading her archives. She's magnificent, go read her now 'cos I'm in bloglove.

Lunched with Brickie,George, and Jen at the Snow Lion... world's slowest service for some mediocre food. Chicken sesame noodles.

The rest of my day has involved calling my debtors to arrange payments (after putting it off for a week), signing up for vision insurance, ignoring the coworkers in the department next to mine (they're so fucking noisy!!), and listening to the Ditty Bops. Their music is insta-good-mood.

Looking forward to a quieter night at home with ManBride this evening... Kitten's dad is coming to get her and it will be just me and Manny... probably drink some wine and watch some Argento... cause that's what we do on cold December nights together.

Half an hour left...


FreedomGirl said...

OMG, you are so brave...quitting coffee AND working in an office? I think I'd have killed somebody by now. Please tell me you don't also go xmas shopping while in this caffine free state.

gigi said...

oh hell no. when i actually am brave enough to get out and DO my shopping, then I'll have to take in some caff. or else... i will die.

SFChick74 said...

Of all the things I should give up, coffee is the one I flat out refuse. One cup a day is not going to send me to an early grave.

indygirl said...

Mediocre? They have the best curry tofu on the planet!!! Sheesh.

aughra said...

wine and italian horror films? Nice!

Thanks so much for the bloglove - so sweet.