Friday, December 30, 2005

Got the Friday Blahs and Hell Yeah, Margaret Cho.

Yeah, you read that right... I have the Friday blahs. I didn't get much sleep last night, I have a headache, and I feel pretty wretched. But I will persevere! I will blog ahead, full steam!

I really can't get motivated to work today. Stopped for gas station coffee this morning, and now I remember why I don't normally do that... because I am a coffee snob. It was gross.

Manny and I went out last night to Borders. I got the new Margaret Cho book, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight. I've not mentioned how much I love Margaret Cho. So I will now. I Love Margaret Cho. She's such a badass. And I agree with her on, well, pretty much everything. She speaks of a political and intellectual revolution that needs to come, that is coming... and I can only hope that she's right. Reading this book is making me a little frustrated, though, because the points she's making are just obvious. There's an anecdote early in the book about a Lebanese restaurant she likes to visit. Apparently, one day, this restaurant decided to hang two giant American flags outside.

It struck me as enormously sad, somehow awkward and tragic. Had something happened that would make the flags, this statement, necessary? Had this Middle Eastern eatery become the target of misplaced anger because of the situation in the Middle East? Or were the flags put up in order to deflect racial tension? Were people dumb enough to actually vent their frustrations over Iraq on a restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley? What do they think American is, anyway? If America is for Americans, then we must remember America as being everything that lies between its borders... nothing is exempt. America is free; America is brave. But having to remind others of your American status, fear of being connected to the enemy because of ancestral ties... is not right. It shows how deeply un-American America has become. We have allowed alarmist and racist attitudes to take us hostage, and if these impulses are not kept in check they will behead us all.

I'm actually highlighting passages of this book, quotes that I find profound on some level. My mom does the same thing with her Bible.

So 2006 is almost here. Our plans for New Year's Eve include hanging out with a bunch of other married people, eating cocktail wieners and drinking cheap champagne. Also working on my New Year's Resolutions... oy vey, what a task! For 2005, I had 2 resolutions:

1. Get a tattoo.

(done! 1.20.05)
2. Learn to speak French.
J'ai vomi.

I'll have to come up with something good for 2006.

Time to get motivated and work for a few more hours before my long weekend.


popfizz said...

i highlight passages from 'Where the sidewalk ends'.

gigi said...

you would :)

Sonya said...

I love Margaret Cho as well. *sigh*

and... I highlight passaged in almost all of my books. Usually things I find either profound or hilarious.

OORANOS said...

Have a good time

RusticateGirl said...

just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog!