Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Meltdown

It's almost Christmas. It's my last day of work - I have tomorrow off, which is great because I still have a couple of gifts to get. It's also not so great because a lot of other people are in the same ugly, hazardous boat. The last place I want to be tomorrow is the mall... and it's unfortunately one place I have to go. Dammit!

So let's talk some Christmas. Though I am an Atheist and don't go along with the whole "birth of Baby Jesus" hullabaloo, I do still celebrate the holiday. It's got nothing to do with religion and everything to do with tradition. I always loved it growing up, and even with all the stress and madness, I still love it now. Yes, it's over-commercialized, and that's the only part I really don't like.

So for the sake of nostalgia, here are some photos from Christmas past:
(click to enlarge)
Though as much as I look forward to Christmas, I do not look forward to all the driving that I'll be doing this year. Let's do the math:
Friday: going to aunt/uncle's house - 59.14 miles + 59.14 miles back
= 118.28
Sunday: going to grandma #1's house - 59.14 miles + 22.83 miles to get Kitten from her dad's + 30.34 mi to my parents' house + 20 miles to grandma #2's house + 21 miles home
= 153.31
TOTAL: 271.59 miles.

Yes, that sucks.
Oh well. Like my mom said, "You're the one that moved far away."
So whatever you celebrate - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Winter Solstice, Family Appreciation Day - or if you plan on just getting drunk on your couch, have a good time.
I'll be driving.


indygirl said...

And if you'd just move to Indy, the driving would be more manageable.

SFChick74 said...

Why are you driving the 59.14 route three times? That's brutal. The one thing I am thankful for during the holiday season is that I don't have to do all that driving this year. It's great!